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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to renew my card. How can I do this?

The state requires an in person doctor’s visit annually to renew your card. You cannot just renew your card online. If you are already an established patient, you need to choose one of the “follow up patient” options (6 months or 12 month) and schedule an appointment with us to renew your card. You do not need to bring anything with you. The additional fee paid online directly to the state is still $50 ($25 veteran or indigent). If you are transferring from another clinic and you received a letter from us stating that we have your records, you just need to bring your driver’s license. If you are transferring from another clinic and did not receive a letter from us, you need to bring medical records or be prepared to sign a release so we can request your records. All patients transferring from another clinic should choose the “transfer patient” option when scheduling.

The dispensary says I don’t have any days left on my card. What do I do?

One of 3 common scenarios has happened. Your recommendation may have expired, your card may have expired, or you may have reached your 90 day limit. For an expired recommendation with valid card, you need to schedule a follow up appointment to get additional refills. This scenario would typically happen in a situation where someone chose our 6 month plan and has not come in for a 6 month follow up. Their card would show an expiration date months later but their recommendation and refills would have run out. 

The second scenario of expired card would occur if more than 360 days have passed since your received your card. You would need to schedule a follow up appointment in this situation to renew your card. Of note, all of the first year cards issued show expiration dates on the last day of the month. This is in fact inaccurate. The card only lasts 360 days so in a scenario where someone received their card on 1/10/19 and the expiration date says 1/31/20, the 360 days would have been up 1/5/20 and the time between 1/5/20 and 1/31/20 would be a dead period in which the card could be used to go into the dispensary but there would not be any days of usage left to make any purchases. 

In the last scenario of reaching a 90 day limit, you need to speak to the dispensary and ask them when you will be able to purchase again. If your recommendation is still good and card is still good you should not have to schedule an appointment to come in. Your ability to purchase again will fix itself after sufficient time has elapsed. 

Will I leave your office with my medical marijuana card?

The medical cards are issued online by the state pharmacy, not directly by the physician. If you’re deemed appropriate for medical marijuana and the physician recommendation is made, we may be able to enter you into the registry the same day as your appointment. Keep in mind that we cannot register you without reviewing your medical records therefore receiving the records may cause some delay. Once records are reviewed and we register you, patients typically receive their registration email within the hour and are able to complete their registration and print out their card the same day.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Directly on our website is the only way to schedule. Click on one of the schedule appointment tabs. You then can choose to book as a New Patient if you have never been seen at our clinic (12 month or 6 month) or Follow Up patient if you were previously evaluated by our clinic (12 month or 6 month).  Our pricing starts at $125.  Once you choose your visit type, a calendar will pop up. The bold dates/times are available and the grayed out dates/times are unavailable. You will be prompted to pay for your appointment with a debit/credit card at the time of scheduling. You still will have to pay the state card registration fee of $50 ($25 for veterans and indigent) at the time you complete your registration after your doctor visit. 

I have a medical card from another state. Do I still need to see the doctor to get an Ohio card?

Currently there are no reciprocity agreements in place with any other states. This means that to legally use medical marijuana in Ohio you need to be seen by a certified Ohio physician to become registered as an Ohio medical marijuana patient. Your non-Ohio license is not valid in Ohio.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $125 per visit with Dr. Simmons if you choose either of the 6 month options, or $199 per visit if you choose either of the 12 month options. The state pharmacy charges $50 per year for the medical card ($25 for disabled/indigent and veterans).

What is the status of dispensaries?

There currently are 4 open dispensaries in Columbus and 51 approved dispensaries across the state of Ohio. All approved formulations are available (e.g. flower, oil vape, concentrates, tinctures, edibles, topicals)

How much does medical marijuana cost?

This is really too broad of a question to answer as it would depend on the strain, formulation (e.g. plant, concentrate, edible, ointment), amount, frequency of use, and dispensary variation in cost. Some dispensaries list menus +\- pricing on their websites or on Weedmaps.