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The First Week of Ohio Medical Marijuana Cards: Lessons Learned from the Registry

Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry

Joel R. Simmons, MD

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry opened on Monday December 3, 2018. For the most part the online process is very user friendly. The majority of our patients were receiving emails shortly after we entered their information into the registry. We did have a few patients who received emails with either missing or inactive links. After some trouble shooting and calling to the help line (833-464-6627) we were able to get the issues resolved. Some happy new card holders even gave us some great email and social media feedback. Here are a few lessons we learned:

  • Be ready to complete your registration once you click on the emailed link.
    • If you click on the link then decide you want to come back later without registering we’ve been advised the link may be inactive
  • The annual fee for the card is $50. Veterans and disabled pay $25.
    • Your physician has to identify the disabled or veteran status at the time of registration in order for you to be eligible for the discounted card. If for some reason it is missed, the discounted status can be updated in the system if you haven’t completed your registration. Just notify your recommending doctor’s office.
  • You print your card out in real time after you have registered.
    • It appears that all of the cards at this point have 12/31/19 expiration dates.
  • The physician has to ability to authorize an initial 90 day supply of medication and up to 3 refills without the requirement of another office visit. **Some doctors may give you less refills and have more frequent office visits. Make sure to ask up front about their typical practice as more visits = more out of pocket costs**
  • Registering a caregiver costs an additional $25.

The fact that the the registry is open means we will have dispensaries open with medication on the shelves within 60 days.

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