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What Does an Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Look Like? One Clinic Shares the Numbers

Joel R. Simmons, MD

It was revealed today at the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee meeting that 72 physicians contributed to registering 1948 patients during the first week of having the registry open. One of the questions asked by the Advisory Board was for more information about the demographics of the patients and the medical conditions. As one of the 72 physicians who registered a significant portion of those 1948 patients, I’d like to share the Ohio Herbal Clinic patient demographics so far:

  • 93% of patients seen were qualified and registered
  • 62% male, 38% female
  • age range 19 – 76 
  • mean age = 46 (male = 45.5 , female = 46.7)
  • 73% qualified under chronic pain (most common qualifying condition)
  • 22% qualified under PTSD (2nd most common qualifying condition)
  • 17% had two or more qualifying conditions
  • 6% were registered with Veteran status
  • 1.5% of patients registered a caregiver

We’ll be updating our numbers over time and will be excited to see how closely our demographics resemble those across the state.